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GeoBurst was founded by Alejandro Erickson, Mathemagician.

KIDS! If you write to us, we will send you a FREE Tensegrity Puzzle Kit! Click here for details.

GeoBurst is a not for profit, math education enrichment initiative. Our mission is to Create Zest for Mathematics.


We offer FREE INTERACTIVE SHOWS at schools and events in Victoria, BC, and at First Nations schools across BC, through our partner, Math Catcher.

Check out our Shows page to see what we are up to right now, and what we can offer you.

Hexastix Puzzle Kits

Hexastix Kit

Here are detailed photo instructions for building a hexastix. Watch the video instructions below in full screen and HD!

Tensegrity Puzzle Kits

Tensegrity Kit

Here are the colour instructions for building a tensegrity. Watch the video instructions below.

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Zero sumZ card game by GeoBurst: Canada, International, Boxed set.

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