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Geometric crafts are the reason GeoBurst exists

In 2010 my crafting addiction took off when Matt DeVos showed me his way of making George Hart's 72 pencils creation. It is a challenging construction, and I set out to simplify it so that more people could enjoy it.

Along the way I made some show pieces, as well as kits. Here are a few of the stories behind the sculptures.

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Digital art: Random Canvas

Here is a seemingly innocent set of computer instructions which produce remarkably organic looking images. The idea is to "randomly" select the colour of each pixel on the canvas so that it is similar to the colours of other pixels close to it. Go to this article for some more details about how it works.

Try the Random Canvas generator yourself by pressing the buttons a lot.


Remember: Each new image you see has NEVER been created or seen before. If you like it, then drag it to your desktop! If you make a really nice one, or if you like this, I'd love to hear from you!

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This idea and javascript code may be used with attribution to me, and only for non-commercial purposes under this license

My Collections

Here are many of the things I made in 2011. Some of them are shown in more detail below

Hexastix arrangement all Icosahedronistic Frenzy Arrangement

Large Hexastix in an Octahedron

Hexastix in

I made this in 2011, using the laser cutter at the Maker Space, in Victoria, BC. The octahedron's faces are cut from acrylic, using a vector graphic I generated with a computer, python script. The sculpture was quite fragile, and it was dismantled when I tried to turn it into something else.

I revisited this in 2012, to create my puzzle kit, "Chiastix". See my ebay store to get one for yourself.

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