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Geometric crafts are the reason GeoBurst exists

In 2010 my crafting addiction took off when Matt DeVos showed me his way of making George Hart's 72 pencils creation. It is a challenging construction, and I set out to simplify it so that more people could enjoy it.

Along the way I made some show pieces, as well as kits. Here are a few of the stories behind the sculptures.

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364 interlocked Sticks in Deep, Cold Colours

364 sticks

I made this one to produce an instructional video for building hexastix, and then I put it on sale on Etsy. It is larger than the kits I usually sell. 364 Sticks took about 4 hours of working time to complete, including the application of a white glue and acrylic medium finish.

A5 Symmetry Icosahedron


This is another design shown to me by Matt DeVos.

If you can get ahold of one, try holding two opposite nodes still, and spin it by 1/5 of a rotation. What happens to all the yellows? All the greens? etc.

My icosahedrons are made using colored skewers that are held together with wire. It is not glued, but the whole thing is dipped in acrylic medium to give it a nice shiny finish. They are very durable and can be kicked around the house without breaking.

Compound of 5 Tetrahedra, Model

Compound of 5 Tetrahedra sharpened

I got hopelessly lost the first time I tried to make this, but with a bit of patience and some images from the article on Wikipedia, I have come out of it one Compound of 5 Tetrahedra richer. Click here for an animated GIF of it.

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