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nReduce: A startup incubator

GeoBurst seems like an unlikely candidate to enter a startup incubator. My peers consist entirely of tech startups, creating things like business database tools, or translation aides. At the end of this, investors and sponsors are supposed to offer some capital to the startups that seem the most promising. But GeoBurst is not a tech company, and it will never amass any wealth (and is by definition, uninteresting to investors), but there are several reasons to participate in nReduce.

GeoBurst's mission has evolved from a mathematical crafting hobby, to math education enrichment. This is the natural combination of my own interests, and my desire to make a positive impact on the lives around me. I believe this is where GeoBurst will settle (and trail blaze), and either become a permanent fixture in math education enrichment, or vanish, having been a good experience for me and the lives it met with. GeoBurst has already been successful, yet it could be so much more.

The reasons for joining nReduce are straightforward. nReduce requires weekly goals and progress reports, which will help keep a rhythm of small accomplishments; nReduce is a 12 week program, and in order to have something to present at the end of this, I am forced to weed out time wasting tasks, and better develop GeoBurst's objectives; other nReduce startups provide immediate feedback to each other; participating in nReduce will raise GeoBurst's profile.

My goal for the first week was to create and mail a puzzle to the international puzzle design competition. That is done and my fingers are crossed! I also found 3 other nReducers in Victoria, and we are having regular dinners to talk about our progress. I am excited to be a part of nReduce, and it feels good to report progress to a group of like minded strangers. This week my goal is to get feedback on GeoBurst and it's mission.

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